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Master Detail Layout

Last Updated: Nov 25, 2015 05:10PM EST

Controls a layout between two custom blocks which have a hierarchical, master-detail relationship to one another. The master block should in some tangible sense control the content of the detail block.


The Layout - Master Detail BLOCK is used to create a layout in which one custom block, the Master Block, controls the content of another, the Detail Block. A typical example of a design employing this relationship would be that of a menu, which controls the main screen content. This reflects the Master-Detail design pattern.

The Master Block is initially hidden, and must be revealed by the Toggle Master Block Visibility SCRIPT. When shown, the Detail Block will slide to the right to reveal the Master Block underneath.

The Detail Block will move a distance which is provided by the Detail Anchor Distance FIELD, in the number of seconds given by the Animation Duration FIELD. There are two animation types available, Push and Reveal.


Master Block The Block which serves as a menu or other sort of hierarchical master to the detail.
Master Block Length (Optional Android)This is the width of the master block. If left blank, the master will default to the width of the screen.
Detail Block The Block which shows some detailed portion of the layout.
Detail Block Length (Optional Android)This is the width of the Detail block. If left blank, it will default to the positive value of the anchor distance.
Detail Anchor Distance A number determining the distance the size of the Master Block, and the amount the Detail Block is displaced or concealed when the Master Block is visible.
Animation Duration The duration in seconds of the animation for showing or hiding the Master block.
Animation Type The kind of animation to use when showing or hiding the Master Block. Reveal moves the detail block over while the master block remains static and is uncovered. Push has the Master block move from offscreen to on, as though pushing the detail block over.
Always Allow Detail Interaction When checked, a user can interact with the Detail Block even when the Master Block is showing. This is especially useful on the iPad where when the Master Block is visible, there is still plenty of screen real estate for the Detail Block. Otherwise tapping anywhere in the Detail Block's area will hide the Master Block.
Layers Attach To Layers attached to the view will not move when the master block visibility changes. If you select Master, the layers will change their position along with the master block. Selecting Detail means the layers will be aligned and move with the Detail Block.


Before Draw, Hide Start, Hide Done, Reveal Start, Reveal Done

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