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The Basics: How to edit a block's Size and Position

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2015 07:09PM EDT
Sometimes a design requires putting a layout block inside of another layout block. If you want to edit a child block in your design, you must first select the layout block that contains it. When you click on the layout block to edit it, you will see a checkerboard pattern with a blue outline, which lets you know that you can now edit the children blocks contained within it.

When you create a new view you must choose a layout block. In the screen shot below, you see that in the view entitled "second", a Canvas Layout was chosen as the base layout for the view. In order to have a design with a text block sandwiched between two image blocks (shown in the graphic below), a Stack Layout was inserted inside the Canvas Layout and a Horizontal Stacking Direction was chosen. The block tree (in the The Navigation Panel) shows you that the View has a parent Canvas block with a Stack Layout inside it and three children blocks inside that.

If you want to change the Size and Position of any of those children blocks,
  1. First edit the Stack Layout since it is the layout block that holds and thus controls the child blocks.
  2. Then click on the Stack Layout within the block tree. Now you can see the darkened checkerboard pattern (with a blue outline).
  3. Now, you can right-click on the Text Block in the View (or on the little gear icon to the right of the Text Block in the Block Tree).

Text Block
The simplest way to edit a layout block is to use the Block Tree on the top left side of the builder.
  1. First you mouse over each item in the block tree. You can see the items being selected in the View to the right (where you see the phone). In the block tree, identify which child block you want to edit, and then above that item in the block tree look for the layout that is holding it.
  2. Click on the layout block that holds the child block and you will see the darkened checkerboard pattern fill in for the layout block.
  3. When you see the checkerboard pattern, you can then right click on any child block contained within that layout block inside the View and choose Size and Position or any other option under the contextual menu.

Text Block

There is a shortcut to edit a child block's Size and Position using the gear icon.
  1. Click on the Layout Block.
  2. Now when you mouse over a child block in the block tree you will now see a gear icon to the right of the child block.
  3. Clicking on this gear icon is a shortcut to edit the blocks Size and Position.

Text Block

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