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Reset Meta URLs and / or Remove Automatic Updates

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2017 04:24PM EDT
Reset Meta URL

Applications may use local data sources that are configured to periodically check for updates from the remote server.
In some cases, the URL that is used to check for updates can be corrupted. 

This tutorial explains how to fix corrupted URLs and / or completely remove automatic updates to data sources from your app if you do not want this behavior.

For each local data source
  • In the Feed section of the App Tree (left hand side)  
  • Click the "link" icon to see the Association Edit page for the data source. 
In some cases, you might not able to navigate to the Association Edit page:  


If you don't want your app to check for updates:
Make sure that Hosted is set to No

If you want your app to check for updates:
Set Hosted to Yes Just need to click Update

​If you do not want to download the Data Source as a Local DB in your app:
  • If you don't actually want the data source to be downloadable, you should navigate back to the data source edit page
    • For Cloud Collections: Change Publish Automatically to No and click Update
    • For other data sources: Change Downloadable to No and click Update

Accessing the Edit Page
In some cases, you might not able to navigate to the Association Edit page:
You can see the message: "Local data sources can receive updates, but only if you mark them as downloadable...").

To address this:

For a Cloud Collection based Local DB

2 steps
1. Set Publish Automatically to Yes and click Update

2. Publish Latest
   You need to publish your Collection i.e. turn it into a Local DB: See  "Published Latest"  Tutorial
For a feed based Local DB
Click the link to change the setting on the data source

               Change Downloadable to Yes and click Update

Navigate back to the Association Edit page 


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