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Last Updated: Jul 14, 2016 10:03AM EDT

Hello World App

With "Hello World" we will illustrate:
- The basics of Canvas Layout.
- How to switch from one View to another View.

To create an app clicking on "New" under the 'Develop' tab.


Naming an App,
Selecting an initial Layout

We give our app a name and choose a "Canvas" layout. 


First View


In the View "First" we will add

-  2 Text Blocks
-  1  Image Block


Creating our First View

To create this View we get the 2 Text Blocks and an Image Block from the Component Selector in lower left of the builder. We click the "Blocks" tab to access all Blocks.


Drag & Drop

Choose the Blocks you want to use then hold down your mouse and drag 
the Blocks into the View.

In this example image we drag a Text Block into our View

Drag a second text block then an Image Block into your view.


Add an Image into the Image Block

Mouse over the Image Block and Right Click. 

This will bring up the Component Editor.

Click on Image Source, under 'Specific' tab of the Component Editor to bring the Image Picker.

From the Image Picker, Upload an image.
That image will be stored in the  
Media Folder.

To edit your Text Blocks use the same process as the Image Block. Right mouse click on the Block or click on the Block in your Navigation Panel.

In the Specific tab of the Text Blocks define what text you want to use, the style of the text and it's Alignment and Max Lines. Then click "Update" to save your changes.

To create our second View we click on "New View".

Like our First View we give it a name and use "Canvas" to layout our view.

The same as our First View we drag Text Blocks and an Image Block into our View.

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