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Last Updated: Apr 04, 2017 06:41PM EDT

Hello World

Welcome to EachScape, we will use "Hello World" to illustrate some of the fundamentals of EachScape
  • The basics of Canvas Layout.
  •  How to switch from one View to another View.
Install 'Hello World' in your workspace by clicking here

How does it work?
First View

The View "First" contains
  •  2 Text Blocks
  • 1  Image Block

Right click on the Text Block 'Hello World' to bring the contextual menu

Edit a Block

Select 'Edit Text 1'  to access the Block Editor.


Show Event

Select the Event Tab in the Block Editor to display the Event and potential associated to the Block
In this example, an action 'Show Alert Popup' is associated to the the Tap Event.

You can also see Events and Actions directly in the App tree on the left hand side:

Switch to Another View

A very useful Action is 'Switch to Another View', it goes from one view to another.
In our example, this is the action associate to a Tap Event of the arrow image:



The second view in our app is 'Position'

Position use a Canvas Layout.
It shows different Block position on that Layout.
The different Text Block explain how their position are set.
The use static and edge contraint positions.
Using Size & Position on a Canvas Layout

Right Click on any of these Block to bring the contextual menu to access 'Size & Position'

Learn More
Tips On Using The Canvas Layout
Using Size and Position
Using System Values for Layout

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