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REST Example: Upload File in a Cloud Collection (from a Browser)

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2018 04:30PM EDT
Upload File in a Cloud Collection (from a Browser).

EachScape to build Web CMS Views
You can use EachScape to Views running in a Web Browser.
From these views you can upload any file in a Cloud Collection using a Remote Query Block.

Demo App
You can use install the demo app by clicking the link below: 
Make sure you are logged in the workspace you want to install the demo in first
Upload File in a Cloud Collection from an HTML View

HTML File Selector Block
To access the OS file selector from a Web Browser we will use the HTML File Selector Block.
The HTML File Selector Block returns the file handle used by the Remote Query Block.

On screen it shows as :

When clicked it will bring the File System of the underlining OS.

Remote Query Block 4.01
Remote Query Block is used to pass the file handle to the Cloud Collection endpoint.

As usual, to write in a Cloud Collection you need to pass the api_key as a parameter.

To write Text:
- Set the value of the Text fields using the values[Cloud Collection Column Name] syntax.
- Fill the Value field with the text to save in the Cloud Collection
Also see 'Write in a Cloud Collection'

To write a file:
- Set the value of the Text fields using the values[Cloud Collection Column Name] syntax.
- Use the Selector for that file.
 IMPORTANT: You MUST turn that File Selector block into a Custom Block. 


In that example from the Tutorial App the File Selector is set with the File Selector Block used to select the file. That File Selector as been set as a Custom Block.

Any type of files are supported. It is important to ensure that the column in which they are stored in the Cloud Collection match the respective file types (image, audio, video).

Learn More
Remote Query Bloc: REST calls
- Write in a Cloud Collection'
- Save Photo from a device in a Cloud Collection

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