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Image Carousel Block

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019 09:00PM EST

Image Carousel

Version: 4.10

Scrollable row of thumbnails, each providing navigation


Drag this block into your app and then you can edit it's settings by right clicking on the block with your mouse.

Carousel: horizontally scrolls images.

Version: 4.00

The Carousel requires a data source with images.
You can define the width of the image as well as the margins around the image.
You can also define a loading image, such as a spinner and an overlay image that sits on top of each image in the feed.
The autoscroll checkbox provides animated scrolling from right to left.

You can also feed captions for the images from the same data source.
The captions can be set on Top, Bottom or Inside Bottom. You can define the color of the background of the text as well as margins around the text itself. You can truncate the caption text by defining the amount of lines. An ellipsis (...) will be added if the text is truncated.

Carousel provides a tap action on each record in the Carousel.


Data Source The data source for images.
Image Source The field or expression that identifies the image in the data source.
Rows The number of image rows to display.
Image Width The width of each image to display. If not set, defaults to the image height.
Top Margin The margin above all of the images.
Bottom Margin The margin below all of the images.
Left Margin The margin to the left of the images.
Right Margin The margin to the right of the images.
Image Spacing The spacing between images.
Loading Image The image displayed when the image is being loaded from a URL.
Overlay Image Image to lay over each carousel element's content.
Autoscroll If checked, the carousel scrolls automatically.
Disable Bounce Disables the bounce effect when scrolling to a content boundary.
Empty Result Text Text to display when no results are found.
Empty Result Font Font to use for empty result text.
Current Record Highlight Style Style to use to highlight the currently selected image in the data source.
Alignment (ANDROID ONLY) default is center, with option to left align to screen the first image.
Enable Looping (ANDROID ONLY) this allows infinite loop when swiping
Corner Radius A number specifying the amount of rounding of the image corners. A larger number will cause more rounding. If the value is zero, the corners will be square.
Border Width The width in points of the line border around the image.
Border Color The color of the border, if the border width is not zero.
Caption This expression is the source for the caption.
Caption Position Where the caption appears above or below the image.
Caption Lines Number of lines to allocate to the captions.
Caption Font The font and color for the image caption.
Caption Background Color The background color of the image caption.
Caption Alignment This is used for the horizontal alignment
Caption Text Margin Space around text.
Caption Background Margin Space around background.
Caption Corner Radius The amount of rounding of the corners of the entire caption box. If not supplied or zero, corners will be square.
Caption Border Width The width of the border around the caption. If zero, no border is applied.
Caption Border Color The color of the border if border width is non-zero.
Caption Adjusts To Text Whether the caption box should fit to the actual height of the text. If not checked, the caption background will shrink to the minimum size required for the number of actual text lines displayed.


Before Draw, Tap

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