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Form Input Block

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2017 09:00PM EST

Accepts one or more input fields.


Build a Form with multiple fields. You can decide what fields are mandatory or not. Then submit all the fields using, for example, a Remote Query Block (which build Post of Get URL) to your back end servers.


Prompt Font Font used for the label fields.
Text Field Font Font used to input text.
Disable Bounce If checked will disable bouncing of the view.
Native Ui Look Check this to use the native UI look.
Fields Number of input fields
Prompt Text displayed above input area.
Type Controls the kind of data that is allowed for input. List, DataSource List are not supported by HTML5.
Result Variable The name of the variable that will hold the result. Used to set the initial value of the field as well.
Placeholder The placeholder text to display when there is no text entered in the input field
Hide Submit Button Used to hide the submit button, usually because the app will respond to each value change event instead of the submit event.
Submit Button Image Image that will be used for the data submission button in the block.
Text Area Lines The number of lines for the Text area option. If left blank, it will display only 4 lines by default.
Descriptor This field is used to supply extra information to certain field types. Each piece of information for the descriptor is separated by line. For a List field, write a comma separated list of options. Each option may distinguish between the value set in the variable, and the display name used in the UI by placing a colon(:) between the two, with the value first, followed by the display name. For a Data Source List field, enter the datasource to use for the list of items on the 1st line, place the item value that will be used after a submit for the dict value on the 2nd line, and the display value for each value on the 3rd line. If the 3rd line is empty the item value will be used. For Ratings, the number of stars (capped at 10) to choose between are on the 1st line, 2nd line will be the name of the image that is not highlighted and 3rd line will be name of image that is to be highlighted.
Required When checked this field will be required to be filled out


Before Draw, Submit

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