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Vertical List Block

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2015 02:51PM EDT

A vertical list layout where each section may have a header and body block provided, to created the overall layout.


Row Separator Color The color used between rows. This is only seen when a section uses Repeat and Repeat Data Source.
Repeat Determines whether the expanded view will be of 1 block, or many repeated iterations of the block, requires defining the Repeat Data Source
Body Block The block to reveal upon tapping the section header
Repeat Data Source The data source to iterate over for the expanded view
Header Block The block to show as the section header
Exclusive Expansion Designates whether more than one section can be expanded at the same time.
Sections Number of section headers in the list
Header Block - Collapsed State This field, if used, determines the block that is shown once this section is collapsed
Initially Collapsed Affects whether the section begins in the collapsed or expanded state.
Release Text Font Font for the Release to Refresh Text
Pull Text Font Font for the Pull to Refresh Text
Collapsable Affects whether the section can be collapsed and expanded upon tapping the section header.
Refresh Release Text Text that is displayed when the user should release the list view.
Pull Down to Refresh Image If provided, then pull down to refresh will be enabled and use the given image.
Refresh Pull Text Text that is displayed when pulling down the list view.


Before Draw, Refresh Did Start, Refresh Did Finish


<p>The <strong>List Layout</strong> block allows you to create a scrollable list of blocks organized by sections, any number of which may be made &quot;collapsable&quot;, so that tapping on that section&#39;s <em>Header Block</em> will hide or reveal that entire section. A section may contain both a <em>Header Block</em> and a <em>Body Block</em>. A section may also be made to iterate over the records of a data source, laying out many instances of the <em>Body Block</em>, with each instance using a different record as the current one for that data source.</p> <p>A section need not have a header, and if left out, that section will follow the preceding one immediately with no break. Also you may choose to supply a separate block for <em>Header Block - Collapsed State</em> which allows you to have a subtle change, such as a &#39;+&#39; image instead of a &#39;-&#39; image indicating the state of the section, or a completely different block altogether with distinct controls, tap events, and so on.</p>

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