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Trivia Block

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2018 10:01PM EDT

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Version: 4.10

Create a Trivia working with Cloud Collection.


Drop the Trivia Block into your app and Select Trivia in the Cloud Collection while creating a new Collection. The Block will automatically ingest the and display the questions and answers you created.


Data Source Cloud Collection or data feed where the question are stored. IMPORTANT: The Trivia comes with a predefined Cloud Collection. That Collection has a specific structure. Any Data source ought to respect the same structure for the Trivia Block to work correctly.
Begin Text Text displayed at the beginning of the game i.e. Start Game
Max Choices The largest number of choices any single question can show.
End Text : Text displayed at the end of the game i.e. Start Game
Question Field containing the question to the user.
Current Point Field containing the total number of point for this trivia.
Points Field containing the points associated to a correct answer for that question.
Total Question Total number of questions
Current Index Number (Index) of the question
Answer Text Field containing the respective answers.
Answer ID A unique ID associated to a question. That ID will be tested against the right answer ID to determine if an answer is correct or not. This Answer ID can be entered manually or come from a field from a feed / cloud collection. Having the ID within the Cloud Collection help in case you want to save the answers to a remote server.
Correct Answer ID Field containing the correct answer.
Time Limit Limit, in seconds, for a user to give an answer before the question times out.


Before Draw, Correct, Wrong, Timeout, Gameover

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