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Text Input Block

Last Updated: May 08, 2019 10:01PM EDT

Text Input

Version: 5.11

Accept text from user keyboard input


Enter text or numbers. The data is stored in a variable. Learn more with Text Input Tutorial

Save On Change option saves every keystroke in the Result variable.

If Save On Change is not used, the data will only be stored in the Result variable if and only if the user taps Done on the keyboard.

Changes for v5.11 Fixed the issue for IOS where cursor will move back when editing text in the middle.

Changes for v5.10 'Number Pattern' mask is available for IOS. The mask allows the formatting of the numbers according to the mask pattern.

Changes for v5.00 On iOS, if Save on Change is selected, the Result Variable will be initialized to the Text Block's Default Text. This behavior is now consistent across Android, iOS and HTML5 implementations. On iOS and Android, you can now select if the keyboard should have autocorrect, automatic capitalization or spell checking enabled.

Changes for v4.50 Match web-client to save the variable initially based on Save on Change flag ( Aligned with Android Behavior )

Changes for v4.40 On iOS, autocapitalization is now disabled for email-type keyboards.

Changes for v4.30 Added validations, new keyboard types. Changed Android keyboard to now capitalize sentences by default, also added support

Changes for v4.20 Added background and now the font color for 'placeholder' is respected

Changes for v4.10 Added LABELS to Android

Changes for v4.00 [Android] This version does not provide functionality changes but it is strongly recommended to update as some versions might be retired soon.

Changes for v1.2 [iOS] Access newer numeric keyboard when 'numeric' is selected for keyboard.


Label Text for a left-justified label shown above the user input field.<br><br>Please be aware this will take up vertical space. If you leave this field blank, you can always add a label using a TEXT Block which allows more formatting options and greater flexibility in placement.
Label Font The font and color of the Label.
Label Bkg Color The background color of the Label. This background applies to the ENTIRE line of the prompt.
Prompt Background Image (ANDROID ONLY) background image of the prompt
Prompt Background Image Selected (ANDROID ONLY) background image of the prompt when it's selected
Default User Input The text used to prefill the input field.<br><br>Contrary to Placeholder that text is Editable.
User Input Font The font and color of the user input.
User Input Bkg Color On iOS: The background color of the type-able text input area. On Android: the color of the UNDERLINE beneath the user input. On Android, the color of the entire block and also User Input Bkg Color is controlled by the BLOCK BACKGROUND COLOR in the GENERAL SETTINGS
Placeholder The placeholder text appears before the user has entered text into the input field.<br><br>That text will entirely disappear once the user starts typing.<br>If the user doesn't enter any text, the placeholder remains as the value for for the input.
Placeholder Font Font and color of the Placeholder. On Android, only the COLOR can be set--all other characteristics are inherited from the input text.
Require Input If selected, the Done button on the keyboard is disabled unless text has been entered.
Number Pattern If specified, formats then entry based on a mask. <br><br> In the Mask, numbers are represented by #. For example a US phone number mask, without the international prefix, will be (###)-###-#### where # represent the numbers typed by users. <br> Only the entries, not the mask are saved in the Result Variable.
Maximum Length If specified, the maximum number of characters that can be entered.
Keyboard Type The type of keyboard to display for text entry. <br><br>Keyboards come with the appropriate validations. For example, selecting email keyboard enables email validation i.e. the format is Text@domain.extension
Autocorrect Control autocorrect behavior of this Text Input. Default behavior depends on Keyboard Type.
Autocapitalize Control automatic capitalization behavior for this Text Input. Default behavior depends on Keyboard Type.
Check Spelling Control whether the spell-checker should be enabled for this Text Input. Default behavior depends on Keyboard Type.
Show Keyboard If checked, set focus to the Text Input field and show the keyboard.
Result Variable The variable in which to store the entered text.<br><br><a href="http://support.eachscape.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2545694-text-input" target="_blank">Tutorial on Text Input</a>
Save On Change When a user types in a character or deletes a character, the current text value will get immediately saved in the variable. <br><br>If unchecked, only when the user hits submit will the variable be updated with the text value the user entered. <a href="http://support.eachscape.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2545694-text-input" target="_blank">Tutorial on Text Input</a>
Password Input Check this box to enable this as a password input field
ADA Text When American Disability Act (ADA) is enabled on a device, when this block is tapped, then the ADA Text displayed in this field will be read. If left blank, some devices may read the text of the block instead.


Before Draw, Done, Change

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