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Audio Player Block

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2019 09:59PM EDT

Audio Player

Version: 4.10

A block that implements playback of an audio file. It supports any audio file except ongoing live streaming i.e. radio. It support playing an audio file stored locally on the device or remotely in the cloud.


Source The source for the audio file to play. Must be a local file.
Reporting Value Audio identifier for reporting.
Control Style Determines how and which controls are displayed. "Normal" shows all controls as buttons. "Reduced" does not display forward or rewind. "Volume" removes all controls except volume control and progress bar.
Auto Play Whether audio should start playing when the block appears. Defaults to checked.
Global Time Sync Enable this to allow other blocks to track an update based on current play time. (See the "Time Synchronizer" block.)
Ignore Iris Media Keys When this box is checked, the Iris 2 media keys will be ignored when pressed in this block.
Low Volume Image Image to display for low-volume (left of the volume slider)
High Volume Image Image to display for high-volume (right of the volume slider) and for volume control on toolbar
Rewind Image Image to display for rewinding in toolbar
Play Image Play image (visible when not playing)
Pause Image Pause image (visible when playing)
Forward Image Image to display for fast-forward in toolbar.
Utility Image Image to display to signal "utilityTap" event. If it is not supplied an invisible spacer will be used in the toolbar and no event will be signaled.
Progress Bar Color (Android Only) This is the color to be used for the progress bar.
Progress Bar Background Color (Android Only) This is the color to be used for the background of the progress bar. This requires Progress Bar color to be set.
Timed Datasource Datasource that contains the list of timed triggers
Timed In Point Expression for the in point of the timed trigger. Should be in seconds
Timed Filter Column Column to filter by. This is required
Timed Filter Value Value used for the column filter
Timed Filter Column2 (Optional)Second column to filter by. Only if required
Timed Filter Value2 (Optional)Value used for the column 2 filter
ColumnData This is the list of column names to get the value of and store in the Value Variable set for it. This is triggered at every timed trigger.
Column Column to be used for retrieving the value
Variable This is the variable name used to store the value from column
Play In Background (ANDROID ONLY) This allows the app to continue playing the audio while the app is in the background
ADA Text When ADA is enabled on a device, when this block is tapped, then the ADA Text displayed in this field will be read.


Before Draw, Play, Utility Tap, Playback Failure, Playback Success, Playback Cancel, Done, Timed

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