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Script Actions

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2019 10:04PM EDT
This is a complete list of Actions supported by the EachScape Builder.

Add Event to Calendar
Add Layer
Add to Favorites
Add to To-Do List
Append Records to Data Source
Bluetooth Status Monitor
Call JavaScript Function
Call a Phone Number
Cancel the Timer
Check In on Foursquare
Create Proximity Fence
Create Sorted List
DEPRECATED: Pause Play All LOCAL Audio file
DEPRECATED: Pause Play LOCAL Audio File
DEPRECATED: Play Sound Effect
DEPRECATED: Play Streaming Audio
DEPRECATED: Stop Play All LOCAL Audio File
DEPRECATED: Stop Play LOCAL Audio file
Define a Data Source Filter
Delete a Variable
Download Expansion Pack
End Session
Execute SQL Statement
Fast Forward Audio
Flag a Comment via Gigya
Get Images from Video
Go to First Record
Go to Last Record
Go to Matching Record
Go to Next Record
Go to Previous Record
Go to Random Record
Hook After Actions
Hook Before Actions
InApp Purchase Content
InApp Purchase Subscription
Launch ChromeCast Player
Launch an App
Log Add'l Flurry Event
Log Add'l Google Analytics Event
Log Current View
Log Custom Event
Log In to Akamai Identify Services
Log In to Facebook
Log In to Foursquare
Log In to LinkedIn
Log In to Twitter
Log Omniture
Log Out of Akamai Identity Services
Log Out of Facebook
Log Out of Foursquare
Log Out of Gigya
Log Out of LinkedIn
Log Out of Twitter
Mark Current Record as Visited
Open a Web Page
Pause Audio
Play Audio
Play Video
Post Local Notification
Post a Comment via Gigya
Post to Facebook
Post to LinkedIn
Post to Twitter
Refresh Block
Refresh Current View
Refresh Data Source
Remove A Layer
Remove All Layers
Remove All Proximity Fences
Remove Data Source Filter(s)
Remove Popup Block
Remove Proximity Fence
Remove Saved Variable
Remove from Favorites
Reset Data Source New Counter
Reset the List of Visited Records
Reset the Saved Keypress
Restore Filter/Sort
Restore InApp Purchased Content
Retweet to Twitter
Reveal Move
Reveal Toggle
Rewind Audio
Run Back Event
Run Script
Save Filter/Sort
Save Image to Device
Save Location
Save Variable for Future Sessions
Save Video to Device
Select Native Tab
Select a Video
Send a Text Message
Send an e-Mail
Send to URL
Set App Badge Number
Set Container Block
Set Layer Visibility
Set a Property
Set a Variable
Set an Extra Column Value on the Current Record
Share Dialog
Show Action Sheet
Show Alert Popup
Show Google DFP Interstitial Ad
Show Modal Block
Show Popup Block
Shut Down App
Snapshot Image to File
Specify Sort Order
Start Awiloc
Start Monitoring Beacons
Start New Session
Start Shazam Identification
Start the Timer
Stop Audio
Stop Awiloc
Stop Monitoring Beacons
Subscribe To Push
Switch to Another View
Take a Photo
Toggle Layer
Toggle Master Block Visibility
Twitter Reply To
Unsubscribe To Push
Upload Image to Facebook

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