Enterprise Products End of Life Policy April 1, 2013


EachScape strives to deliver the most innovative and cost effective products, and therefore may periodically elect to discontinue specific products. This document describes EachScape’s intended communication and transition plans for any discontinued product. The policy is intended to provide our customer’s with the sufficient information to confidently plan the evolution of their environment to migrate to replacement technologies.


The End of Life process begins with the Product or Feature Retirement Announcement. Such Product Retirement Announcement contains an official timeline describing the product or feature discontinuation plans.

EachScape will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to provide the Product or Feature Retirement Announcement six months prior to the effective Product or Feature Retirement Date. If EachScape is offering a direct replacement product, it is possible that less than six months notification will be made. Support contracts cannot extend past the End of Life date. Additionally, EachScape may provide recommendations and alternatives for customers to

transition from the End of Life product. During the End of Life period, EachScape will meet all existing customer support agreements.

EachScape also has de facto End of Life, especially for target OS: EachScape will retire support for Target OS, 18 months after the OS Publisher (Apple, Google or else) release a major new version of the software.


EachScape End of Life Software Support

EachScape will continue to Support a Product or Feature post the Product or Feature Retirement Announcement and until the End of Life Effective Date.




Product or Feature Retirement Announcement. – The notification that establishes when the discontinued Product or Feature will no longer have General Availability. Product or Feature Retirement Announcement begins the EOL Process.

End of Life Date – The last day that the Product or Feature is supported according the terms of EachScape’s standard support offering.

General Availability (GA) – Product or Feature is generally available for sale on EachScape and there has been no EOS Notification