Switch to Another View


Change the active screen seen on the device to the specified view.

View: The view to show next. You can select (previous) to go back in the history list.

History: Indicate whether you want to add the current view to the history  list prior to switching views
  • Add to History: completely discard any prior history
  • Clear History or just replace the current view with the new one
  • No Change
Transition: List of animations available to create smooth transitions as you switch views.
  • Note: iOS supports all transitions listed here
  • Android supports only PUSH*, SLIDE*, and REVEAL* transitions.  If you're supporting both iOS and Android, choose only transitions supported on both platforms. 
Duration: A number in whole or fractional seconds indicating the duration of the transition.
  • Note that this is SOLELY supported by iOS devices. Fractions can be entered with one decimal place, e.g. 0.3 means 3/10ths of a second.  
  • For Android, the speed of the VIEW TRANSITION is specified in the OS, so if you're only developing for Android, you can leave this value blank EVEN WHEN you're using VIEW TRANSITION ANIMATIONS.