Install an app on your iOS device

APPLE requires a few things before you can install a Test app on your iOS device.

You will need to:

1. Register as an Apple Developer
(That entails a $99 yearly fee paid to Apple)

2. Create a Certificate & a Provisioning
(You do this on Apple Developer Site, these credential are required by Apple)

3. Upload the Certificate into EachScape
4. Upload the Provisioning into EachScape

(That way we can create Apps signed with your own name)

These steps can be a bit challenging.
We are doing our best to help, that's why we put together a lots of Support Pages and Videos.

If it's too much, we offer a Service Package where we do the work on your behalf
Setting your iOS Certificate and Provisioning

Ready to start?
Create a Certificate for iOS 

Need more info?
Understand better what is a Certificate.

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