EachScape allows you to add and manage user accounts. You can define the permissions for each user and what Workspaces in the tree that the users can access.

Users created in a Workspace will be able to access any Workspaces created below but not above their Workspace.

To add/remove and manage users, start by clicking on the "Manage" tab.

To add a user click on the top left where it says "New User".

Add the user's name, email and the permissions you would like to grant the user.

You can give many different Permissions to a user.

Through a combination of Permission and Workspaces you can tailor to each user very specific needs.

To learn more about what kind of Permission you can grant to a user please consult Permissions.

When you are done click "Create" on the bottom left to save your changes and create the new user. The user will automatically be sent an email with login information.

To edit or remove a user account simply click on their name.

This will take you to a page where you can view and control the user permissions, Workspace access or delete the user account.

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