EachScape Release Notes

Live Launch: 11/15/2012

Stories Implemented in this Release
Platform Description
iOS The Favorites block was enhanced so that when no items are to be displayed, a text message of your choosing can be shown.
iOS A new transition called “Flip From” is now available.
iOS The Carousel Layout, now exposes a Record Changed event.
iOS iPhone5 Support! Apps automatically recognize the iPhone 5 and will use the full screen, provided that the View includes a block in the center area.In addition, the splash screen can utilized the full screen assuming the image asset is at least 1,136 high.
iOS **NEW** A PDF Reader Block, has been released for iOS. Corresponding to this is an enhancement to Cloud Collections allowing you to upload a PDF.
Android Social sharing for LinkedIn allows the user to add a comment.
Android The Iterating HTML Block is now available on Android. We remind our customers that using this with more than a few dozen records may produce poor results on devices with slower processors. Proceed with caution.
HTML5 Platform enhancement: Scroller enhancement so that scrolling in a nested block is smoother.
HTML5 Platform enhancement: Add momentum when scrolling in the HTML block.
HTML5 Platform enhancement: Add momentum when scrolling in the HTML list block.
Builder People using the SDK to create blocks will now their Master Block definitions on a tab labeled “Master Blocks”.

Builder Layouts (formerly Layout Blocks) are now on a separate tab. The renaming and moving of Layout Blocks from the Blocks to the Layouts tab will be happening within the next 7 days.

Defects Resolved in This Release
ID Description
iOS iOS 6 devices would improperly rotate the screen contents when the device was rotated.
iOS Interstitial ads served from Medialets can now accept a custom size in the builder.
iOS The Carousel Layout Block was failing to track the current record.
iOS Page Indicator Block highlight color did not respect color setting under general tab.
iOS The AdMarvel block was failing to collapse when an ad was not served.
iOS The Carousel Layout Block was failing to honor the width setting on iOS.
Android Videos would change from landscape to portrait when the back button was pressed. This has been resolved for Android.
Android When pressing the pause button during video playback, the video would jump to the beginning rather than pausing at the current playback position.
Android The Pattern Layout on the Kindle Fire was not rendering properly.
Android On Android, the List Block was crashing if a background image was specified and an item in the list was selected.
Builder Cloud Collections, when used from Firefox, were failing to show uploaded images.
Builder Intermittent errors were occurring when adding records to Cloud Collections from Firefox.
Builder Fix so that applications are no longer duplicated when imported from LIVE -> LIVE and LIVE-> QA. Only one app should appear.
Builder Fix so that cloud data sources are copied as expected from LIVE to QA