In addition to native iOS and Android, JavaScript can be used to add logic in your apps.

EachScape gives JavaScript developers a complete set of services to develop powerful apps. 

Capabilities overview

EachScape Action in JS: ESLib

You can insert EachScape Actions into JavaScript.
 You can also write an entire set of Action in JS.

Insert EachScape Actions in JavaScript: ESLib


Execute EachScape Custom Script from JavaScript: ES.API 

EachScape Custom Scripts give access to ALL EachScape native actions, meaning all iOS and Android native functions.
To access iOS and Android native functions simply call an EachScape Custom script from JS running in an HTML Block.

Execute EachScape Custom Script from JavaScript

HTML in apps

You can use the HTML Block (a Web view in developer speak) to display straight HTML or content from a URL.


WEBVIEW Tutorial App illustrate how to display a simple URL in your app.
Display a web page in your app 


SURVEY is a Base app using Google Form as a back end to create Surveys.
It displays the survey, as a web page in a view
Survey web page in an app

JavaScript in an HTML Block

You can add JavaScript in the or of an HTML Block, then call that JavaScript

JavaScript in an HTML Block

Call JavaScript Function

A JavaScript function can be stored in your app and called upon from a different Block.

This allows you to add logic developed in JS in your apps.

Call a JavaScrip Function


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