Contextual Component Menu

Highlight Block in the central view by hovering your mouse on top of a Block.
When a Block is highlighted:

 Right Click to bring the Contextual Component Menu

Block Tree

Block Tree is the first part of the Contextual Component Menu


  • Shows Block hierarchy with direct access to Blocks.
  • Click on the desired Block in the Block Tree to bring the Component Editor


Block Functions

Below the Block Tree a set of contextual functions are available

  • Size & Position:  To position Blocks on a Canvas Layout.
  • Save as MyBlock: To reuse a Block.
  • Delete or Remove
  • Swap Block
  • Group: If you select multiple objects by clicking and dragging, you can group objects together inside a Canvas block (or ungroup objects that have already been grouped). That group can be used to  Generate a Pattern from the selected blocks.