Install an App on YOUR Device

We will be showing you how to install an app on your iOS or Android device.
This Tutorial assumes that you have successfully Generated your App.

App on devices are the very best way to test your development. 


EachScape offers Quick Update,
 a powerful feature showing your development changes immediately on your app on your device.

For Android

Android builds are very straightforward to install on your device.
You will be able to immediately see the changes you made in EachScape on your device.

Install on Android

For iOS

Installing apps on iOS is a bit more involving.
 Apple requires you to register and get some certificate.

Install on iOS


There are no initial requirement to run an HTML5 app (WebApp) on your device.
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Where are the apps?

All the Builds you have created with EachScape are stored in one place: Build History.
Each new build will be added to that repository so you can install older version of your application.

In the App Tree, select the App Level Menu:


Installing the App

The build history shows the different iOS, Android and HTML5 builds previously Generated.

Each are identified by an icon, the builds are on the left hand side.


In this example we have selected the Build #3 which is an Android Build.

To install an app on your device first install a QR code reader
(You can also install by entering the link in a web browser followed by the code on your screen)
Scan the QR code to install the app on your device.
Et Voila! your app will install on your device.

Type of Builds

In this example form the left hand side of the Build History, we have 3 Builds for our Video Streaming demo app 2 builds are for Android, 1 is for HTML5


You will notice that some Builds are Commercial Builds.

A commercial build is a build which ready to go be submitted to an app store.
Learn more about the different type of Builds


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