Expression Editor


Express Editor is where you access:

  • Data Sources
  • User created Variables
  • System Values
  • Function ~ Formatters

Accessing Expression Editor

Expression Editor is used along with Actions and when configuring Blocks.

Blocks and Actions evaluate Expressions.

It is accessible from the Block Configurator and the Action Editor.


A Pencil will indicate an Editor is available.
In this example we are configuring a Text Block.
To enter the Text Value we access Expression Editor using the Pencil iccon

Expression Editor

Expression Editor can be used to enter simple text,
In this example the value of a Text Block file : 'Hello World'


Beyond simple text, Action editor let user access

system values

User created variables

Formatters / Fonctions

Data Sources 

System Values

System variable  give access to a wealth of information on multiple topics ranging from 

  • Screen size information
  • Location
  • Time
  • Social network info
  • App versions

In this example we get the System Value 'Country' from the device and insert it into our text value.



Variable created by a user are shown under Variable in the Expression editor.

Variable can be used in any Expression and in View / App Configuration.

Creating a Variable.


In this example we insert the user created variable 'MyVar' into the Text for the Text Block

Functions ~ Formatters

Formatters are function which transform a value.

The operation can apply to multiple types:

  • Math operation (addition, subscrtaction, ...)
  • Time
  • Text
  • Location 

See available formatters & functions


Accessing Formatters / Functions.
Formatters and Functions are applied to expression like Variables, Data Source, ..

Format Control

Format controls are used in Text Block to help format the text.

These are not HTML formatting tags but EachScape defied tags for Text Blocks.

Data Source

You access Data sources from the Expression Editor.

Formatters for the right type operand can apply to Data Source fields.

Learn more about Data Sources


In this example we access the Data Source associated with the demo app 'My First App'