Preview an App using Apple XCode simulator

Xcode to preview iOS apps.

The key benefit of using the Xcode simulator is that you don't have to provision your iOS device.

1. Download and install Xcode 

You do not need to be a developer to use the Simulator.
You simply need to install Xcode on your Mac and use the simulator by itself.

You will need a free Apple Developer Account.

Click here to go access the Xcode download link


2. Launch the iOS Simulator
  • Choose Xcode > Open Developer Tool > iOS Simulator.
  • The iOS Simulator opens and displays the Home screen of whichever simulated device was last used. To change the device type, choose Hardware > Device > (your preferred device type).


3. Generate an iOS Simulator build on EachScape
  • You must generate and Ad hoc build before you can generate a simulator build
  • Once the AdHoc build is complete, click the button to "Generate Simulator Build".


  • Once the simulator build is complete, download and unzip the application file. 

4. Install your application on the iOS Simulator
You will need to move the application file into the appropriate folder for your device:
  • Right click
  • Select 'Show Package Contents'.
  • Navigate to this part of the file path: Contents > Developer > Platforms > iPhoneSimulator.platform > Developer > SDKs > iPhoneSimulator8.1.sdk > Applications.
  • Drag and dropp the .app file you have into this folder.

Or for older versions of Xcode:

  • From your home directory, choose Library > Application Support > iPhone Simulator > 7.1 (if you want to install on iPhone Simulator 7.1)  > Applications.
  • Create a new folder with the name of the app.
  • Go inside the folder and place the application file here.
  • Open the simulator using Xcode (click on the Xcode menu > Open Developer Tool > iOS Simulator) and you should be able to see and use the app in the simulator.

You can also use the Application 'Terminal' to install the app. (Needed for running on the iPad Simulator) 

  • Hit Cmd + Spacebar and type Terminal
  • Open up Xcode and Launch the iOS Simulator by clicking on the dropdown Xcode > Open Developer Tool > iOS Simulator.
  • Go back to Terminal and Run the following command to install the app to the simulator which you just opened.
    (replace <location of .app file> and drag and drop the simulator build you downloaded into the terminal window. Make sure you unzip the download and are dragging the file with the .app extension on the end)

         xcrun simctl install booted <location of .app file>


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