Preview an App using Apple XCode simulator

Xcode to preview iOS apps.

The key benefit of using the Xcode simulator is that you don't have to provision your iOS device.

1. Download and install Xcode 

You do not need to be a developer to use the Simulator.
You simply need to install Xcode on your Mac and use the simulator by itself.

You will need a free Apple Developer Account.

Click here to go access the Xcode download link


2. Launch the iOS Simulator
  • Choose Xcode > Open Developer Tool > iOS Simulator.
  • The iOS Simulator opens and displays the Home screen of whichever simulated device was last used. To change the device type, choose Hardware > Device > (your preferred device type).


3. Generate an iOS Simulator build on EachScape
  • You must generate and Ad hoc buildbefore you can generate a simulator build
  • Once the AdHoc build is complete, click the button to "Generate Simulator Build".


  • Once the simulator build is complete, download and unzip the application file. 
  • For convenience we will call your app 'myapp': When you unzip the simulator build, you get a file.
  • Bring that file on your desktop

4. Install your application on the iOS Simulator

  • Open Xcode
  • From Xcode menu Open Developer Tool -> Simulator

  • From the simulator, select teh device where you want to install the application

  • Open the Terminal application and execute the following command

xcrun simctl list

That command lists out all the available simulators. simctl command controls the instances of the simulators.

In the response you will find the iOS simulator and their status.

  • Save the UDID of the simulator which you have selected: the one for which the status is (Booted)

  • Now we want to install the file inside the simulator which we have selected.
  • Assuming that file is on your desktop, and we copied the matching UDID from the terminal run the following command:
xcrun simctl install 43510859-FDA5-407E-BF31-649A18E95A6E ~/Desktop/

  • TIP: You can directly drag & drop the app file into the terminal. Instead of writing the path just write with a SPACE at the end (which we don't see below)

xcrun simctl install 43510859-FDA5-407E-BF31-649A18E95A6E 

Then Drag & drop your file into your Terminal. It will automatically add the right path and correct filename directly into the Terminal and you will get the expected command:

xcrun simctl install 43510859-FDA5-407E-BF31-649A18E95A6E ~/Desktop/

You are done.

Just run that command and your EachScape app will run in the XCode simulator.


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