TestFlight is an Apple product to Beta test Apps: Goto Apple TestFlight 


TestFlight still requires you to upload a Certificate and Provisioning.

Because TestFlight still requires a Certificate and Provisioning,
We recommend using Quick Update
(which also require, like for any iOS app, a Certificate and Provisioning).


Use TestFlight for EachScape Apps


1EachScape StudioGenerate a Commercial Build
2iTunes ConnectSetup your app in itunesconnect.apple.com (if you have not already)
3Application Loader Upload app using Application Loader
4iTunes Connect TestFlight Settings for appFill in required testing information (most of it's required; if it doesn't say Optional, you have to fill it out)
5iTunes Connect TestFlight Settings for appWait for Apple to finish processing app
6iTunes Connect TestFlight Settings for app, External TestingAdd testers to list of External Testers (need at least an email address)
7iTunes Connect TestFlight Settings for app, External TestingSubmit app for Beta Review
8iTunes Connect TestFlight Settings for app, External TestingOnce the app has been approved for beta review, select the app version you want users to beta test and click save

Learn More

- Install on iOS

- Install on Android