Positioning Blocks on a view



Block are always positioned on a View using a Layout.
Layout essentially differ by how they present Blocks on a View.

A Layout is a 'Container' that holds the Blocks together.

Tip: You don't need to learn about Layouts in detail: 
Selecting Canvas Layout will let you add Blocks anywhere on your view. 

There are 3 core Layouts

Canvas    Position Blocks at a specific position. Using Canvas.

Stack    Automatically stack blocks vertically or horizontally. Using Stack.

Reveal     Create a Burger type experience where a menu slides across. Using Reveal for the News app.

Choosing a Layout
When you create a new View EachScape will ask you to select one of the 3 core layouts:


Layouts within Layouts

Layout are the basis of any View: You can have also have Layouts within Layouts.

A Layout can contain an infinite number of Layouts.
Layouts within Layouts allow the development of any sort of sophisticated UI.

To bring a new Layout within a View or within another Layout select Layout in the Component Selector:

Select a Layout

 Drag & drop that Layout within the selected Layout on the View Layout. 


When you drop a Layout on a 'empty' View you are always dropping that Layout within the Layout already on the View 


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