Change your App Name

While in Studio (under Develop Tab) Click on "Edit"


Under the "General" tab you'll see 2 fields.

The field where it says "Name" will appear in the app store for both iOS and Android.


This will also the the name under the icon on the device that the user taps to start the app.

If the name is too long then you will need to supply a "Short Name". If the Short Name is not supplied then the app will truncate the app name under the startup icon on the device. 

When the device operating system shows the app icon it places the name of the app underneath the icon. Because space can be limited the operating system may truncate the name according to the space available. We limit you to 16 characters, however the device operating system will determine whether or not it fits. There is no sure way to know in advance if the name you choose will fit because proportional fonts are used.

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