Status Bar on Views & Splash Screen

The Status bar is what appears on the top of a View or splash screen. 

By default the status bar of the app is on on all views. Its also on by default for the splash screen.

To define the default status for the whole app go to "Edit App". The default can still be customized for each View.

Go to the "General" tab.

Scroll down to "Advanced" and expand the tab. You'll see "Default Status Bar". Here you'll be able to define the default for all the Views in the app. Note that the colors of  "Standard" selection might change for each OS and OS version. For example in iOS 7 the default Status bar is translucent will expose the background color or image of the view. You can also choose "None" for no Status Bar.

To control the Status Bar on the splash screen go to "Edit App" and scroll down and expand "Splash Screens" tab. Us the drop down to choose if the Splash Status Bar displays or not.

To change the default for an individual view to to that view in the build and click on the 3 dots next to the View title then click on "Configure":

In the "General" tab scroll down to where it says "Status Bar". Here you can control the Status bar for the selected View.


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