A Layer is essentially a View with a transparent background.
Layers are extremely useful to overlay design elements on top of an existing view.

The App Tutorial 'Layer Tutorial' explains how to use Layer.
You can install 'Layer Tutorial' in your workspace, the demo app is located in your Dashboard under 'Tutorials'

 They are often used to display Controls, to show captions or as part of a process like in App purchase.
  • Like Views, Layer always have a root Layout which supports the UI components displayed by the Layer.
  • Contrary to Views, Layer do not have Events.

Create a new Layer

This will prompt you to select root Layout for the Layer. 

You can pick any of the Layout, we recommend Canvas a very versatile Layout.


Display a Layer
We use Actions to display a Layer on top of a View.
These actions are often associated to a UI control like a Tap Event.
Actions are:
  • Add Layer
  • Remove Layer
  • Remove ALL Layer

Video Tutorial

Edit, Copy, Delete a Layer

Copy or Delete a Layer using the Layer Menu.


Layer Events 

No Events are available at the Layer Level.
 All the Events are
View Level Events.

Learn more about Event and Actions.


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