Image Block


Image Block displays any sort of image.

It supports a Tap Event, meaning you can use the Image Block for many things, just add an action to the Tap Event.


Working with Image is challenging due to the multiple screen sizes and density.

We try our best to hide most of the technical complexity away in order to speed the development process.

But we can't always make all the challenges disappear. 

The more you learn about images, the better equipped you will be.

One thing which is important is Image Scaling:

Image Scaling

Scale to Fit or Scale to Fill

You can 2 scaling options when uploading an image.

Scale to Fit: The image will be shown entirely and contained within the allocates space. The image is not cropped, meaning in most cases - when the ratio don't match - bars on top / bottom or left / side will show as the image display is restricted by the smallest dimension.

Scale to Fill: The image will fill the entire allocated space. It will likely be cropped (unless the ratio match). No empty space (bars) will show on top/bottom or left/right areas of the image space.

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