Button Block implements a standard button with two states:
  -  U
p state (the initial state).
- Down state

For examples, instal the 'Buttons' Tutorial app, available in your Dashboard.
Click here to install

Tutorial App 'Buttons'


Configuration and Events settings from Buttons Tutorial App

When Button is pressed (finger on the Button) it:

-  Switches to the Selected State
Displays  the Selected Image (optional, but recommended)

-  Fires the Button Down Event.  

When Button is released (user remove their finger from the Button) it:

-  Switches back to the Unselected State
Swap back to the Selected Image
Fires the Button Up Event.  


Providing two discrete Events for the down and up states (as opposed to simply a Tap) allows a button to be used to control state in the system in different ways.  

A good example of this would be a Fast Forward button (which is currently supported) that advances an audio player ahead quickly while the button is being pressed, and reverts to the normal play rate when the button is released.


The 'Buttons' tutorial app showcase the implementation for a standard Button


Images:  It is recommended to work with Images stored in

  • Media Folder 
  • Local File System (this is done using an On Device SQL DB and storing the data on device)


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