Text formatting

The text block and few other Block allows you to choose what style of font you would like to display in the Block. If you want to display more than one style of text or include line breaks then you'll need to use "Format Control"

You can add Text formatting properties like the following example:


{{font Arial 14 Bold #c7d9e6}}This text will be displayed with the font selected here{{font}}

The Font selection will apply to the highlighted section.

You need to specify something: Bold, Italic or Normal

If you only want to change the size of the font, without making it Bold or Italic, use Normal:

{{font Arial 14 Normal #c7d9e6}}This text will be displayed with the font selected here{{font}}

Of course that can apply to Dynamic content at well:


{{font Arial 14 Bold #c7d9e6}}[[ds:/Beans (Cloud Collection)/record/price]]{{font}}

When no font sizes are used, the default font set in the blocks Font field will be used.

 On Android, when using Text formatting you must also select the default Font and size in the Font field for it to function correctly. The size should be the largest font to be displayed in the formatting.

To use Format Control on your text click on the "Text" area of the Text Block.

When the dialogue box opens click on where it says "Format Control". This will give you access to allow you to use different font styles and Line Breaks.


In the following example you'll see that there are 3 lines of text in the text block. The first line is styled by the Format Control. It uses a closing tag {{font}} and a line break {{br}}.

The second line will use the text style of the text block and is followed by a line break  {{br}}.

The third line of text is styled by Format Control and has a closing font tag {{font}} .

 The closing font tag must be used to bring in the font style. {{font}}.