Events are Central

An Event is a trigger.
A Tap is a classic UI event.
For example the Image Block has a Tap Event.
When a user tap the image you can use the Tap Event to trigger an Action.

An Action is triggered by an Event.
There are a lots of actions in EachScape from a 'Switch to another view' to move from one view to another to
'Post to Facebook ' or 'Tweet' or 'Get GPS Location'

Everything in EachScape relies on Actions triggered by Events.

Events and Actions are tightly linked together.

Type of Events 

Event are triggered at 3 different levels:

Where the Event is triggered depends on the nature of the Event.
It is up to the EachScape developer to handle the Event appropriately.

  • App Level Events are triggered anytime and available throughout the app.


  • View Level Events are View related Events like an Orientation Change or a shake, they need to be addressed at the View Level.


  • Block Level Events are related to a Block like, a Tap Action, they depends of the nature of the Block. 


App Level Events

App Level Events

App Level Event can fire anytime no matter where the user is in the app, what the app is doing.

Examples of App Level Events:

  • Launch (determine which View the App displays at Launch)
  • Shake (An event available at View and App Level)
  • In App Purchase: the confirmation of the purchase is asynchronous and can happen anytime.
  • Proximity Fence when a user enters or exit a geofence

Setting App Level Events

App Level Events are configured at the App Level.

Click on the   to Launch the Action Editor and Edit Events.

App Level Events are also accessible from App Configure Menu

Events are located in the Event Tab.

You see the categories of Event available at the App Level.

 You can associate any Action to any Event.


View Level Events

View Level Events

View Level Events are events which fire at the View Level.

Examples are

  • Orientation Change (when a use change their device orientation from Portrait to Landscape or vice versa
  • Shake Available both at App and View Level
  • Facebook Login Social is managed at the view level.

Setting View Level Events

View Level Events are configured at the View Level

In the App Tree, select View Level Menu then Event to list Events available to a View

View Level Events are also accessible from View Configure Menu


Select the Event Tab to list all View Events.


Block Level Events

Block Level Events

Block Level Events are events which fire at the Block Level.

Examples are

  • Tap : The most widely used Block Event that Capture a user Tap.
  • Swipe : Another User Interaction Event.
  • Button Up / Down : Available in the Button Block. Many Block Event are specific to the Block and are UI interaction type.

Setting Block Level Events

In the App Tree, select a Block Menu then Event to list the Events available to that Block


Block Level Events are also accessible from the Component Editor (Right hand side)

  • When editing an app, Right Click on a Block to bring the Block contextual menu


  • Select that Block - in this example : 'Text 1' to bring the Component Editor



Select the 'Edit Image 1' to bring the Component Editor


You can see that the Text Block has 1 Event available: Tap

Click on the pencil to bring the Action Editor.


In this example, we have one Action, a 'Show Alert Popup' associated to the Block Tap Event.


You can trigger any action with any of these Event.


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