Actions are Central

Actions are triggered by Events.

For example the Image Block has a Tap Event.
When a user tap the image you can use the Tap Event to trigger an Action.

An Action is triggered by an Event.

Actions are accessible with the Action Editor via the pencil icon:  

Because Actions are triggered by Events an Action(s) are always associated to an Event.

Actions triggered by a Block Level Event

When you are editing a Block in the Component Editor select the an Event Tab.

In this example we show the Event Tab for a Text Block.
Text Block have one Event available to them: Tap.

Any action can by associated to any event


Action Editor

Click on the Pencil next to the Event to bring the Action Editor 

Adding an Action

  1. Start typing action name or expected intent to search actions.
  2. And / Or directly select the action by clicking on the action box.

Actions cover a wide variety of usages.

  UI interactions

Social Media
Analytic  (DFP, ..)
GPS access
Connecting with Beacons
Media: Play Audio / Video
In App Purchase

Explore Actions.

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