Audio Tutorial App


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This app illustrates how to play Audio with EachScape

There are 5 actions to work with audio.

  • Play Audio
  • Pause Audio
  • Fast Forward Audio
  • Rewind Audio
  • Stop Audio

These action will work wether the Audio assets are

  • Streamed Audio
    • From a Cloud Collection
    • From an Internet Live Stream
  • Locally stored in the App (on the Device File System)

How does this App Work?

Audio Tutorial shows an initial view which direct user to the sub-views showing different ways to play different type of Audio.

View 1:
 Stream Audio from Cloud Collection

This first view shows how to play an audio file stored in EachScape Cloud Collection (or any other CMS).

The file is streamed from the Cloud into the app.

It was uploaded into the Cloud Collection from the Web Interface.

The main configuration is in the Play Audio button which invokes the 'Play Audio' Action:


The source points to the Audio file in the Cloud Collection.The other fields carry the meta data shown on the phone lock screen.