Execute SQL


'Execute SQL' is a Tutorial App which illustrates how to use the action 'Execute SQL Statement'

Install the app

If you don't have the ap installed in your workspace:

click here to automatically instal the Tutorial app 'Execute SQL'


App Overview

Execute SQL uses an On Device Local SQL Db to store a static value 'John Doe' to illustrate the use of a SQL statement.

In an actual app, you can replace the static value by a variable, the content of a feed or any value of your choosing.

Execute SQL local on device DB was created using Cloud Collection.

Cloud Collection lets you create a data structure which can then be turned into either a local SQL Databases or a live XML feed.

The most complex part is likely to set up the local DB than to set up the SQL statement!

We try to cover the App Data Architecture as thoroughly as possible, it is not that easy!

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SQL Statement

The SQL statement used in this demo app is in the Tap Event of the Text Bloc
'Add John Doe into Directory SQL DB'


The actual SQL statement


This statement insert a new value into the local database.
To understand how tables are named learn more on Execute SQL Statement here