QR Code Reader


We install our apps using QR codes.

We couldn't find a fast, no ads reader so we built it.

QR Code Reader is a simple, fast code reader built using EachScape QR code Scanner Block.

It's a straight forward example of direct access to native function (camera) & integration with 3rd party code (the reader)

Install the Tutorial App

If you haven't yet installed this Tutorial app, click here to install it.

How this app works

The QR Code Reader app evolves around the QR Code Scanner Block.

That block automatically opens the camera and scans QR code on screen.


When a code has been scanned it triggers an event  'Code Scanned'
The app simply refresh the Text Block on screen showing the value of the code.


The Text Block showing on screen also has a Tap Event.

If user tap on the block it will switch to the 'Show URL Content' view and display the URL from the QR code in a web view on screen.

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