Video Streaming

Video Streaming streams videos from a Cloud Collection.


- Video Introduction to this App
- Upload your own Video, a Step by Step written Tutorial
- An overview of how 'Streaming Video' is built.
- How to actually build Streaming Video

 Video Introduction


 Upload your own Video, a step by step written Tutorial

Click the Preview button to see an HTML5 rendering of the app

Use your own videos

To access the video select the 'Connect' Tab

This is the Cloud Collection where the app content is stored
Select any of the Video in the Video column (right)

This brings the detail view from which you can upload your video
Click on 'Click or drag file' on top of the window
Upload your video

Et voila.

Go back to the 'Develop' tab
tap 'Preview'


Your own video is playing in your app.

 A Overview of how 'Video Streaming' is built.

This Video provides an Overview of the Blocks used for 'Streaming Video'

 How to Build Video Streaming


Video Streaming is built exactly as the 'Puppies' training app.

Here is a Video explaining how the Puppies app is built.
The main difference is that Puppies displays picture while Video Streaming streams videos.

To stream videos, instead of displaying an image we use a View featuring a Full Scree Video Block.
That Block points to the Video in the Cloud Collection.

Details of the 'Source' field of the Full Screen Video Block

Review how the Puppies App is Built.

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