How to customize

EVENT uses Cloud Collection

Simply change the content in Cloud Collection to change the section of the app
- Agenda
- Locations
- Video
- Photos
- Future Event

To learn how to update Cloud Collection please review the 'Puppy' tutorial.

What you need to know
There is one Cloud Collection per section of the app. that keeps things simple.

This EVENT cloud collection have more information than the Puppy one.
Especially one column is called 'Type'
That column is used to link presenters to a specific session.

If you associated say type 1 to a session.
Then every presenter to whom you also associated type 1 will be shown as a Speaker in that session.

This gives you the ability to have many Speaker per session.
If you need a presenter to speak in more than one session, just create another row and change the type to match the other session.

In this example we used number for type but you can use any text value.
Instead of "1" you could use "Introduction". 
Update both the Speaker and the Agenda Cloud Collection
(And yes that probably makes more sense to use "Introduction" than "1")

How is EVENT built?

Event uses a simple structure linking each Button of the First view to a specific View.

The First view uses a Canvas Layout with a series of Buttons.
Review Using Canvas Layout to learn more about this powerful Layout.

9 Buttons make up the First View of EVENT.
You can learn a lot about Button in the Button Tutorial.


The videos button leads to Video.
The structure is exactly the same as the 'A Video Streaming app'
Learn how 'A Video Streaming app' is built.


Survey  is a very simple, yet powerful, implementation of using the HTML Block to embed a mobile site.
 For survey we simply embed a link to Survey Monkey.