Survey is an extremely simple implementation.

It uses Forms from Google Doc as a back end.

The benefit are many:

- Google provides a very strong interface to create the survey.

- Google aggregates the responses and graph the answers.


Survey is available in the Base App category in Dashboard

Click here to automatically install Survey in your Workspace.

Open your google Account.

Create your Survey (or any question) using Forms:



The App really is a big WebView.
We simply display Google Survey pages into a WebView (HTML Blcok).
We copied the URL from Google Form into an HTML Block.

Forms URL

The actual URL pasted in the HTML Block URL field is:
When you create your own Form you will paste the URL in the HTML Block and you are all set.

That's what some would call an Hybrid app.
Either way, we find it very powerful to create sophisticated Survey type apps, leveraging Google intuitive UI and powerful backend.

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