VIDEO: An introduction to using and creating Cloud Collection data source in the EachScape Studio. Creating records with specific data types

Cloud Collection is an enterprise cloud CMS to power Mobile Apps.


Create your own data structure
 Store all data types


Use Cloud Collection to Power your Apps.

This example stores text, image and audio

This example comes from the Puppies app.
Learn to build the Puppies App
Apps you install from the dashboard often come with their own copy of a Cloud Collection.
You can safely edit the content in the Collection, it belongs to you.

 To modify the content just click on the asset. Click on any puppy image to upload a different one.

Adding Data in a Collection

To add a Row, Select 'Add Record'


Simply click the respective cells to edit.


Create your own Cloud Collection
Learn how the Puppies app is built


Learn More 

- Create a Cloud Collection
Sort and Search Data in a Cloud Collection
Add Data in a Cloud Collection
- Authorize Write Access into a Cloud Collection

Sort the feed from a Cloud Collection
- Use Cloud Collection outside of EachScape Apps

Use an RSS data source to power your app