Authorize Write Access to a Cloud Collection


In this Tutorial we show you how to set up a Cloud Collection so an app can access 'write' i.e. upload data (text, image, audio, ..) into that Cloud Collection. We really encourage you you to follow the Capture and Upload Tutorial, it will help you understand how an app can write into a Cloud Collection.

Set up the Key

Cloud Collection are protected. In order to gain 'Write' access you need to generate an API Key

To generate you API key select "Connect" tab to access data.

  • Select the Cloud Collection you want to get access to.
  • If you are following the Tutorial for the 'Capture and Upload' demo app, select the 'Capture and Upload Collection' 
  •  Once the Cloud Collection loads click on the icon "Api Keys"


  • Then click on "Add"


  • Check the checkbox "Can Write". This will allow your Cloud Collection data source to work with your app. Unchecking the box will allow you to edit your Cloud Collection but it will not work in your app. Click save when done.


You have now generated an API key that you will need copy and paste into the Remote Query Block in your app.


The API key is what uniquely identify the Collection 
AND that key is also authorizing the app 
to write into that specific collection.

The Key is passed along a RESTful call using the parameter: api_key and the key value


Write Into a Cloud Collection Tutorial App illustrate how to use the api_key

Once you have generated the key, to use it in a Remote Query Block copy it.
  • Go back in the Studio by selecting the 'Develop' tab
  • In the Remote Query Block Setting, under 'Text Parameters'   
  • Set one of the parameter as follow
    • Name : api_key


If you are working with a Base App, Delete any pre installed value and Paste the one you copied from the newly generated KEY

Notice the 'api_key' parameter name
  • Validate your changes by selecting 'update' in the RQS Block.
  • You now have to Generated a build of your app.
  • That builds now contains the unique api key associated to your own cloud collection.

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