You can use Cloud Collection for other Apps

You are not restricted to use Cloud Collection with an EachScape App.
A Cloud Collection generates an XML feed,
 Feel free to use that feed  to power any app (mobile or web)


Cloud Collection or Feed?

In this Tutorial we discuss when to use a Cloud Collection or when to use a third party data feed (like Wordpress or any other CMS)

We also show you how to use the XML feed Cloud Collection generates.

Cloud Collection or Feed?


Cloud Collection are here for convenience.
You can use any datasource from any CMS to power your apps.
 The datasource only need to be a standard source like RSS, XML or JSON.


To view the XML feed (or a CSV file) when you are in a Cloud Collection click the 'XML Feed' button.

Use XML Feed from Cloud Collection

To use the matching XML data Source from a Cloud Collection copy & paste the URL showing in your browser.


To be able to use the URL you need to make the Cloud Collection Public.
That setting is accessible in the Edit Collection page.