Content distribution
 through Google Play Store


If you enabled content distribution and you’re distributing your app through Google Play store you need to do some additional steps.


If you have content distribution enabled and you don’t follow this steps carefully, your app will successfully upload and attempt to download the content distribution hosted at EachScape, but Google Play doesn’t allow that meaning the download will be blocked and the app will not work at all.

Additional Steps 

Create your app in Google Play Store.

Once you’re ready to create a release, you’ll be prompted to upload the APK (so far this is the normal process). Here’s when the additional steps come in:


Where it says content distribution, select from the (not so obvious) dropdown “Use expansion file”. 


Now you’ll be prompted to upload the content distribution. Go back to your EachScape build page and download the zip file as shown in this picture:



Once you have that upload it to Google Play in the second drag & drop section you unveiled after step 1. You’ll see something like this:


Once that is finally uploaded you will see a long name for your expansion file, this means the content is now hosted by google. It will look like this:
That’s it. Release normally and once you download your app from Google Play Store it will get the additional content distribution.

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