This Tutorial shows how to connect a data feed (RSS, XML, JSON) into EachScape and make it available as a Live Feed in the app.

The data feed can come from any source of data, any CMS, including EachScape  Cloud Collection.

In this tutorial we use a feed from the BBC, feel free use any feed you like.

Video Tutorial

For a video tutorial, check the RSS Feed Reader Tutorial

Choose a Data Source

Connect Data Source into EachScape

Go to the "Connect" tab.

Click on "New Source".

Here we want to plug a 3rd party Data Source, choose 'Data Feed'



At that point you need to decide:

How you want to store the data in the app.

In our example we want dynamic data, stored as feed - not SQL DB - in our aoo.
 We will choose Live Feeds

If you have your own feed use it, otherwise we can use this BBC data feed:

Give your Data Source a name, in our example we named it  "BBC News"
Paste the restful URL of your RSS, XML or JSON feed in the "URL" field.


Scroll down to where it says "Data Descriptor", you will see how the result of the parsing:
EachScape automatically parse your feed
 and show you the fields in the Data Descriptor.
Data Descriptor remains empty?
Check that you are using a standard feed structure.

Expert Users can Edit the Data Descriptor


Once you've configured your data source you can save it by scrolling down to where it says "Create" and this will save your data source in the Workspace that it was created in.

You can now associate the Live  Feed Data Source to your app by going to your app/apps in the "Apps" tab and click in the Navigation Panel "+" on the left side of the builder where it says "New/remove data source".


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