Upload Data from Spreadsheet


Tabular data can be created from spreadsheet data such as Excel or Google Docs. You can create your tabular data source with either a remote or a prompted data source.      

To create a Tabular Data Source first click on the "CONNECT" tab in the EachScape builder.

Then click on "New Source" on the top right.

Select 'Data Feed'

Then choose 'Advanced' then select 'Tabular'

From a Remote Spreadsheet

To pull in a remote spreadsheet give the file name and the URL to where the spreadsheet resides.

Click "Create" when done.

From a Local Spreadsheet

To create a Tabular Data Source from a local file is a two step process. follow the above steps but where it says URL instead of a URL put the following: "prompt:"

Save by clicking "Create".

Now to paste your tabular data source on the next screen click "Update Data".

You can copy your spreadsheet data that you want for your app. This can usually be done by highlighting the spreadsheet data and copying. Or you can upload the spreadsheet with Local File upload. 

You can now paste this data into the dialog box that pops up after you click "Update Data". You can also upload your spreadsheet with the "Chose File" button. Click "Upload" when done. 


- A common issue is a carriage return or line breaks in a cell in the spreadsheet. A carriage return in a cell will create an extra cell and throw off all following cells in your data source. A good text editor that shows invisible characters will help debug.