This article specifically covers an advanced topic that will allow you to bypass the automatic behavior of data source filters in EachScape apps.

Every time an app uses the Switch to Another View action with the Add to History option checked, the current state of filters and sort order is preserved on all data sources. When you use the (back) option on Switch to Another View, these filter and sort order settings are restored as they were when the app left that view. Because of this interaction, if the app sets a filter or changes the sort order and then return to a previous viewthe new filter will not appear to be applied. Instead the filters and sort order will be as they were when the app switch from that view.

To get around this, there are few things you can do. The most drastic solution is to bypass using history for managing views. We discourage you from doing this because it can consume more processing time requerying the data and can change the appearance of a view when the app returns back to that view. For example, if the user scrolled down through a list, switched to a detail view and returned, the scroll position is reset if the list view is redrawn.

A better approach is to clear the filters after returning to the first view. To get the filter actions to run out of their default sequence, you may need to use the Run Script After action, which allows you to call a custom script out of sequence.

A third option is available. If you have to set multiple filters from a single view, it's possible this approach will not work. A solution in this case is to use the Save Filter/Sort script action prior to setting the filters and later to use Restore Filter/Sort when you want all the filters back as they previously were. This action is only applicable for local data sources.

Note that if the normal behavior of your app is merely to filter the data source as the user descends through a series of views drilling down through the data, there's no reason to worry about all this. It just happens automatically because of the restoration of the filters and sort order.