Certificate - Step 0 : Introduction


Get the full picture of the Apple registration process: Install on iOS

Before you start, unless you already have an account, you need to sign up to the:
Apple iOS Developer Program

This is where you will get all the required assets:
Tutorial: Certificate Demystified

  • Apple certificate (***.p12).
  • Apple provision profile (***.provision).
  • Bundle ID (com.company.***) – you can find it in your Apple certificate.



Apple uses Certificates to authenticate you apps.
You need to have only one production certificate for your account, for all your apps.
Learn more: Certificate Demystified

Certificate Creation Workflow

If you Already have a Certificate
Do not create a new one.
 Upload your

If you don't have any Certificate

Create a CertificateStep 1: Create a CSR

If you have an expired Certificate
 You need to renew the Certificate


Same as for New: You need to
Create a Certificate.
Step 1: Create a CSR


Push Notifications require a different kind of Certificate
 Certificate for Push Notifications

Create a Certificate
for Push Notifications


To learn more directly from Apple consult Managing your signing and provisioning assets 

IMPORTANT: Cert Management

  • When you create a certificate, it has a lifetime of one or two years, depending on Apple's limitations. 
  • iOS Certs and  Android Keystores are put in your Root Workspace
  • Provisioning files need to go in the same directory as the app.
  • However we do search upwards for Wildcard iOS Provisioning files
  • Wildcards in provisioning can only be used in AdHoc builds


Once you have successfully created and uploaded a Certificate, it is time to add Provisioning:

Provisioning - Step 1 : Create a Provisioning on Apple Site