Step 2: Create a Certificate on Apple Site


This Tutorial is here to help you create a Certificate for iOS on the Apple Developer Site.

It is important to note that Apple changes their requirements without warning. 
We do our best but the Apple site might have changed without us knowing. 

To understand the Certificate creation process, review Certificate Demystified

We will refer to the steps described in the Certificate Demystified Tutorial in this Tutorial.


You should have a CSR ready.

If not, go to Create a CSR

Go to Apple Developer Portal

Navigate to the Apple developer portal

Confirm you are in the Production section on the left under Certificates.

You need to create a Production certificate and NOT a Development certificate.


Click the "+" on the top right to create a new certificate.

On the next screen under Production choose "App Store and Ad Hoc"

Now just click "Continue"

You can skip the next screen by clicking continue..

upload the CSR to Apple that you created and downloaded then click "Generate"


After you click generate there will be a slight delay.
After your Certificate is completed on the Apple Developer site then download it to your local machine.
 Then upload it to the EachScape Builder page you created your CSR (More tab):


Certificate - Part 3: Upload your iOS Certificate

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