Step 3: Upload Certificate in EachScape

This Step have you go back to EachScape at the place you finished Step 1: Create a CSR

In between, you have been to the Apple Developer site to get a certificate which you saved on your local machine.

Choose the Certificate you created then upload it to the EachScape Builder page where you created your CSR.

You should now see your Certificate on the left hand side of the builder.

IMPORTANT: Cert Management

  • iOS Certs and  Android Keystores are put in your Root Workspace
  • Provisioning files need to go in the same directory as the app.
  • However we do search upwards for Wildcard iOS Provisioning files
  • Wildcards in provisioning can only be used in AdHoc builds



We now need to add a Provisioning file which matches the certificate.

Provisioning - Step 1 : Create a Provisioning on Apple Site