Submit an Android App to Google Play


To Submit an App to Google Play you will need:

Android Commercial Builds

To create a Commercial build in EachScape you must:

  1. Create a Release Candidate.
  2. Make sure you have an Android Commercial Keystore

 Release Candidate

Overview: Different Type of Builds: Release Candidate

Release Candidate Builds are a required to create a Commercial Build.

They are AdHoc build which you can install but NOT modify (no Quick update) on your device.

On iOS you CANNOT install a Commercial Build on your Test Device.

That's why Release Candidate Builds are useful: They allow you to exactly review the app you are submitting to the store. 

Release Candidate are created with the standard Build Process:


Simply pick 'Release Candidate' instead of AdHoc Build.


Once you have a Release Candidate you will have the option to Create a Commercial Build.

When you build is ready, go to Show Builds

Select your Release Candidate Build, then Select the 'Commercial Build' Option to create your Commercial Build

You Commercial Build MUST have a Commercial Provisioning

Your own Keystore

EachScape allows for the creation of your own keystore.
This is useful to personalize your keystore or if you already have an existing keystore from a previous version of the app.

To create your own keystore, select 'Android Keystore' under the Manage Tab

Then select New Keystore to create a new Keystore

Enter your Keystore where it says "Android Package Name" then click "Save" on the bottom of the page.

Enterprise Users

Android commercial builds are created from "Release Candidate" builds.

You will want to bump the Version number of the app up to at least 1.0 before you generate your Release Candidate for your Commercial build. You can do this by going to "Edit App" and "Current Version" in the General tab.  The version number displayed in the Google Play store will be the same as the version number listed for your Commercial build in your app's Build History.



In order to create a commercial build you will need to setup a Keystore.

A Keystore is a unique identifier that is required by Google Play for submission to the app store. 

Here is a Keystore example: com.mycompany.myapp 

To create a Keystore to to your "Manage" tab. Click on "Android Keystore".

Then click on "New Keystore"


Now put your Keystore where it says "Android Package Name" then click "Save" on the bottom of the page.


Then go to "Edit App/Android" and choose the Keystore you created from the drop-down next to "Android Certificate Alias".

Here you will put an unique identifier for the app and only that app.  This unique identifier for the app is called "Android Package Name". Once you use this in the app you will always need to use this moving forward for the app and any app that replaces it in the store.


You can now generate your Release Candidate and from that your Android Commercial build. First build a Release Candidate build. Then when the build is done go to "Build History" and click on the blue button to "Generate Commercial Build"


Once you Commercial build is generated you can now download the APK to submit to the Google Play store.



You have completed all the steps you are ready to submit to Google Play.

Now the fun part: You will need to define the marketing around your app in the app store.

Here are some useful Android Guidelines: Play Console